Turning Red to Green- Reusable Menstrual Products Resource Guide

It’s always nice to have a mega-resource for an oft asked about topic.  This page is going to be your new favorite resource for menstrual [...]

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart & Visual Tool

When I was first considering a cup, I chose based on the only cup that I had heard of – The Diva Cup.  I was very pleased with my cup and [...]

Safe Menstrual Care Resource Guide

All you ever wanted to know about safe feminine care options. This page is a collection of great articles written by women who care about p [...]

Free Cloth Menstrual Pad Patterns!

Yesterday I was talking to a friend that was looking for a good cloth pad pattern.  I offered to help, and because I am frugal – I wanted [...]

#Vagangelist Menstrual Shoppe

Explore the some of the options available for menstrual cups, cloth pads, accessories, and more! Not sure what cup to get? Try our menstrual [...]

Lily Cup Video and Review Featuring “Virginia”

The Lily Cup wasn’t a brand I had heard of until their “Lily Cup Compact” hit Kickstarter. I watched the video with interest and share [...]

Cloth Menstrual Pad Pattern Pack

Disposable feminine care products are not only costly and wasteful, but they contain toxins that are harmful to our bodies. Choosing reusabl [...]

What do you know about Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Did you know that anyone who uses a traditional tampon is at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS? Brands like Tampax, Playtex, Kotex and O [...]

How to Insert and Remove a Menstrual Cup

By far, the questions I receive most about menstrual cups relate in some way to either “How do I get in in there and get a good fit?” to [...]

Lily Cup Compact Review (The Collapsible Menstrual Cup)

The Lily Cup Compact has gone about as viral as a menstrual cup can- it was featured in news stories, posted to major news websites, raised [...]

What to Expect When Switching to Menstrual Cups

The topic of the moment in social media has been menstrual cups- how they can impact the lives of women in third world countries, how they c [...]

Softcup Comparison & Review

Meet the Instead Softcup, a disposable menstrual cup. To be honest with you, I debated whether or not to review the Softcup because of its d [...]

The Most TMI Post Ever About The Diva Cup

As if the title isn’t foreboding enough here is the skinny: this post is all about my new best friend- The Diva Cup.  The Diva Cup is a t [...]

Filling Up My Mestrual Cup, Baby { Buttercup Parody }

Comedian Esther Ku made this fun parody for Lunette. Enjoy! [...]

Diva Cup { Red Red Wine Parody }

Diva Cup lyrics written and sung by Dan Parker, guitar by Matthew Wiviott. This is a parody of Red Red Wine by UB40, originally composed and [...]

Vera Vagangelist { Episode 2! }

Click to read this episode at The Eco-Friendly Family! [...]

Meet Vera the Vagangelist

Click to read this episode at Dirty Diaper Laundry! [...]

10 Pro-Tips for Menstrual Cup Users

Most posts or videos about menstrual cups aim to answer questions like “what are the benefits of menstrual cups?” and “how often shoul [...]

10 Reasons Menstrual Cups Will Save. Your. Ass. in a Zombie Apocalypse

The last thing you need to worry about in the hell-scape that is a zombie apocalypse is your period. With reusable menstrual products, like [...]

Reusable Menstrual Cloth: What You Need to Know

The average woman menstruates around over 2,500 or more days of her life!  This can create close to 11,000 tampons or disposable pads! That [...]

#Vagangelist Chat Alert!

We have a great chat coming up. Hosted by Amanda (The Eco-Friendly Family) & Kim (Dirty Diaper Laundry.) Check it out, RSVP and enter fo [...]

YouTube It!

What better way to learn about cups than to watch videos?! This playlist will continue to grow, and it features our favorite feminine care v [...]
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